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Artikel 5 - 6 kata - Medical Assistant Job in South Dakota

Twenty-first century give the big challenges in fulfill the health care and medication service. One of become the great choice of professional carrier is become a medical assistant. South Dakota is the 17th biggest state in USA. This state is also the 46th most populous state in the USA. Because of its population the government is tend to create a good education system and jobs opportunity. 

For instance the South Dakota government is standardize to make sure that students will get full needed to be productive citizens in growing the economic level of the state. The most serious intention of the South Dakota state is on the health education. They create the standard of health education by ensuring students to have acquired depth of knowledge in a range of health topics. 

Health education commonly in medical assistant are prepares students to at least provide health services to the people on this state in various and competitive way. In USA itself the health service is on e the most expensive thing among the citizen. 

The American need for at least half of income is just to fulfill the health insurance. But the South Dakota state has their own way to service their citizen in health facilities and services.

According to the Joint Committee on National Health Standards, (2007), says that South Dakota is one of the cheapest health facilities and services state in USA. South Dakota become one of the state that regard as the best national health facilities and services state among others state. 

The question is how does the state do that? The state put medical assistant job in South Dakota as the most valuable job indeed. They do campaign that medical service in their state can be handling by the certified and professional medical assistant. That’s way medical assistant job in South Dakota become the first choice of job opportunity.

Furthermore, South Dakota government states that most of their medical assistants have a licensed and certified to practice medicine in perform the following standard duties:
- Clearly perform a good aseptic procedures
- Licensed and certified duties in taking vital signs
- Standardized of preparing patients for examination
- Collectively able in do phlebotomous blood withdrawal and non intravenous injections
- Integrated of observing and reporting patients' signs or symptoms system
- Standardized administering basic first aid
- Independent in assisting with patient examinations or treatment
- Licensed and certified in operating office medical equipment
- Integrated collecting routine laboratory specimens system
- Standardized administering medications by unit dosage
- Standardized in performing basic laboratory procedures
- Standardized in performing office procedures including all general administrative duties

This standardization of the medical assistant job in South Dakota automatically provides a good average salary.  In complete, that the Medical Assistant salary in South Dakota is $25,190 per year. 

The medical assistant salary average in the state is not quite as high as certain high density areas of the country. But the average is quite nicely when suiting with the life expense in this state. Until now the medical assistant job in South Dakota is become the first choice of work for some of their citizen.

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